- A Key to Understanding and Improving Our
Health Care Systems?

Berlin, 4-5. June 2015

Is geography destiny in health care?

A growing body of research shows that geographic variation in health care within countries is the rule. In many countries geographic analysis of health care delivery has revealed unwarranted variations and has identified examples of best practice to guide improvement efforts.

Variation is important for patients, and challenges both health policies and the medical professions. A recent OECD report calls for action. If variation cannot be avoided, can it be used to better understand and improve our health care systems? This is the leading question for this first open international conference on variation.

If you like to make a difference, then join this event!

At this conference we will discuss current methods and results in geographic analysis of variations to improve health care. The event should addresses fundamental questions on the causes of variation and how analyses can help build better health care systems:

  • Is health care equitable?
  • Is technical quality at its best?
  • Are patients appropriately engaged in decision-making?
  • Are public funds spent efficiently?

Experts from the field will present at plenary sessions. Breakout sessions will focus on practical methods, interpretation, communication of variation, and strategies for using the information.

Share your experience!

This is a policy conference. Scientific methods matter but we need to go further. Therefore we would also like to encourage physicians, health professionals, representatives of payors and health policy agencies to join and preferably share their experience on how acting upon variation will make a difference.

A template for future events?

The Wennberg International Collaborative Policy Conference could become a format for a repeated international dialogue on health policy issues related to improving day-to-day health care, based on knowledge derived from studying how health care is actually delivered.

If you think it worthwhile to support or sponsor a 2016 WIC Policy Conference, please contact us.
The Wennberg International Collaborative (WIC) is a research network committed to improving healthcare by examining organizational and regional variation in health care resources, utilization, and outcomes.

The WIC is a joint initiative established by The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and the London School of Economics and Political Science. More...

Zentralinstitut für die kassenärztliche Versorgung in Deutschland (Zi) – in English: Central Research Institute … - is the research unit of the 17 Regional Physician Associations and the Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Germany. It is a not-for-profit foundation in support of equitable and efficient ambulatory health care in Germany. More...

Zi is also a WIC associate. It has taken the lead to sponsor and organize this WIC Policy Conference in Berlin.